Our reliable, secure and cost-effective Wifi Solution for your Business

We offered this manage services for Hotel’s, Restaurant, MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit), Apartment or any small to medium size Business

Our Cloud Managed WiFi features and Support

  • Centralized cloud-based management
  • Detailed views of networks, access points, switches and clients all in one place
  • Automatic alerts when access points go offline
  • Bandwidth limits, device reboot, and guests blocking
  • Powerful captive portal with easy splash page editing
  • Network secured built with security in mind
  • Mesh wireless technology, powerful and scalable
  • Current and latest WIFI Technology
  • Layer 7 Deep Packet Inspection
  • Proactive live monitoring of the health of your Wifi Networks
  • Telephone Support for your guest’s device or computer Wifi related issue’s
  • We used industry leading WiFi equipment

Give us a call or email for pricing and any concern. I’m sure we can work out your Company budget for your WiFi Network installation/upgrade.